‘If These Walls Could Talk’

What do all these articles have in common? the image of Iranian people, often women in chador walking by anti-US murals. The stagnance and toxicity of these stock photos goes hand in hand with the narrative that has been shaped by countless stories of US/Iran relations often published in Western media over the years. They tie together US-bashing and perceived subjugation of women, reinforcing the image of Iran as a country defined by misogyny and seething hate for the West. I read recently that these murals have been erased from the wall of the former US embassy which is to say the least a great pity as they were quite iconic artworks. Will this make journalists and editors to revisit their laziness and encourage them to get more creative in stereotyping a country of 80 million? Let’s hope for the silver lining.

Photos by Laureline Tilkin-Franssens